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Cloud Architecture Security across the enterprise with AWS, Azure and GCP.

About WES

We are an AWS, Azure, and GCP Security specialist for Infrastructure, Applications, Data and User management. We secure your cloud platform from end to end using the latest best practices. Based on IAM/PAM and policy driven, least privilege access to ensure your cloud operations. This Includes Key and Secret Management for credentials while deploying application and data retrieval for all of your users and customers.

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Our Services

Experienced consulting, innovative system design, and efficient migration deployment strategies to scale your requirements.

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Our Experiences

We specialize in solutions for a wide array of industries and verticals. To ensure the latest standards for infrastructure design and deployment to support security posturing and compliance across these industries.

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WES Systems

WES Systems is a leader in Cloud consulting in the enterprise, specializing in Application migration and Security architecture utilizing IAM/PAM methods for least privilege access. With over 20 years of Enterprise IT infrastructure experience. We deliver application and security services to meet your requirements with strong security posturing.

We provide services across most industries and verticals from enterprise to startup, taking your organization from concept to deployment and operations. Our CyberSecurity Architecture scales across your infrastructure and data points leveraging best practices. Our expertise and innovative migration strategies help businesses lower cost and utilize efficient modern methods with secure posturing across internal and external data points.

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Our focus is on AWS, Azure and GCP Security!

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