About Us

Meet the Cloud Migration Experts at WES Systems

At WES Systems, we utilize more than 15 years of enterprise infrastructure experience to help our customers create efficient systems and applications using the latest mature solutions for Network, Compute, Storage, Application and Security. Utilizing industry-leading IT consulting, network and infrastructure design expertise, and innovative migration strategies, we help businesses lower their IT investment and utilize smoother, more efficient technology.

Our cloud migration services utilize the latest trends in upgrades from legacy networks, messaging, applications, and databases, simultaneously delivering optimized systems with comprehensive disaster recovery options as part of the process. WES Systems also addresses your company’s data security needs with a variety of solutions designed to keep you safe and operating at peak efficiently.

An Overview of Our Services at WES Systems

  • Backup as a Service BaaS

  • vDisater Recovery as a service (VDRaaS)

  • Hardware reduction –P2V


  • Disaster recovery solutions

  • Offsite backup/recovery

  • Data protection

  • Data Mining

  • High Availability solutions

  • Contingency –Failover solutions

  • Increased performance

  • Security Assessments

If you have any questions regarding our company or the services we provide to organizations across the nation, we invite you to contact WES Systems at 800-926-1806 today.